How to Ditch Brain pickers and turn them into paying clients

If you have knowledge on any topic, there are hundreds of brain pickers hovering around you like dog on meat. You probably already experienced them, they ask your opinion severally and you enjoy giving them ‘advice’. Many times they come back to tell you how your ‘advice’ worked for them.

Don’t proceed if you are cool with all the free advice you give, but if you want to give free ‘advice’ but still earn from your knowledge then this video is for you.

Calling on all experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, creators and most especially 9-5ers who have so much knowledge on a particular topic area. 


👉🏽 Understand how to stop the brain picking

👉🏽 Know what to say to turn them into coaching clients

👉🏽 Be in control of your emotions and learn to say NO

👉🏽 Use the frequently asked questions to create lead generation freebies

Reclaim Your Time And begin the process to Monetizing your Knowledge! Snag my free video training and get going today!

Hi there,

I am TriciaBiz, a marketing and sales expert who has built a 6-figure online business teaching individuals like yourself how to grow their income.

I am the creator of Monetize your Knowledge online course and several other programs that work.

DISCLAIMER: This training is free and will offer actionable steps to ditch brain pickers and begin monetizing your knowledge. There are no guarantees and this is not a get rich quick scheme.

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