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Grow a profitable online business with what you know today.

There are many reasons why having your own separate source of income has gone from a nice option, to a MUST in recent times. It’s either:

From my experience, the question usually is, “Where do I start from?” “How do I make it work?” & “Do I even have anything people want?”

The truth is, what you know now, is already MORE than enough to give you the profitable business you want.

There is something you have that people NEED. And the only barrier is figuring out what it is, packaging it the right way, and selling it to the right people.

That’s why I wrote  this eBook; To answer the questions I had at the start of monetizing my own knowledge.

Imagine a life where you’re;

Okay Okay

Let me guess what you are thinking:

“She is just one of those so-called social media gurus, who wants to bribe me with eBook to get my email address”

If that is what you are thinking, then you’ve probably never heard of Triciabiz.

Let me show you something real quick

Who The heck Is TriciaBiz?

Meet The Business Fixer


My name is Tricia Olufemi-Olumide , popularly known as TriciaBiz

I am a Marketing and Sales Expert and I help business owners increase their revenue.

A little about me:

  • I am an Ex Fortune 100 Business marketing expert:
  • Before I delved into teaching/coaching,
  • I used to consult for Fortune 100 companies in Nigeria…
  • Names Like Mastercard, Unilever, Nigerian breweries, Etisalat (now 9mobile) and many more.
  • I have since stopped most of my consulting work to focus on what I love doing the most – Teaching
  • – I teach entrepreneurs how to scale their business revenue
  • Trained 200k+ Entrepreneurs across 20 cities.. on marketing, sales, business growth and digital products
  • Last year, I was featured as one of the top 10 coaches to follow on marketing

Here's what people are saying about me:

What is the ‘How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Cash’ ebook all about… And why is TriciaBiz giving it away for free?

I’ll tell you the ‘why’ shortly

But first…

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s waiting for you inside:

  1. How to overcome impostor syndrome aka the ‘I am not an expert’ syndrome (page 19)
  2. My 8 point checklist to creating your online course (page 33)
  3. 5 types of knowledge you can monetize even if you have no special skills…
  4. Plus a complete questionnaire to help you identify what areas you can get started with (page 12)
  5. How to identify what knowledge you can turn into cash (page 7)

But that’s not all…

In this FREE material, you will also discover:

6. 6 hot selling digital products you can create in 2022

7. How to crush limiting beliefs holding you back from selling your knowledge: Mindset is everything, and in this module, I show you how to overcome limiting beliefs keeping you from your desired results

8. How to choose what to monetize if you’re versed in too many things (page 13)

9. How to position yourself as an expert in your niche… even if you don’t have an audience or a large social media following

  • And More, Much More…

‘This is the most comprehensive ‘beginner-friendly’ guide I have ever seen… You’re literally guiding your reader to where the money is’, In the words of a subscriber

So if this book is so valuable…

Why the heck am I giving it out for free?

2 Reasons (and one is blatantly selfish) .

Reason one: I’m genuinely tired of seeing too many wannabees spamming the market with fluffy ‘content’ without any real value.

Like I always say to my insider students…

Value is what will keep people coming back to you for more

And even if you feel what you have is ‘little’…

You don’t have to make bogus claims to sell it.

Just be honest with your audience.

-That’s the way you’ll build a tribe of loyal customers… who buy from you again and again.

(And tbh, there are still people out there who need your ‘little’ to move up the awareness level…

And will gladly pay for it the way it is.

I talk about this extensively in my free book… Check Page 20)

And this brings me to my second reason.

Reason 2: I’m putting my best foot forward.

I’m wowing you with so much value from a Free book

Because I believe this could be the start of a wonderful business relationship with you…

And hopefully, you would want to take any of my paid programs {in smaller print}

To get your free copy of my book, simply click on the link below and tell me where to send you your Free copy.

Once you fill in your basic details…

You’ll get an email from me in approximately 15 seconds titled.

(Download): Turn Your Knowledge Into Cash.

If you can’t find this email, simply check your spam or promotions folder…

Once you open the email, you’ll find your free copy of my book waiting for you inside.

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