Make money doing what you KNOW and LOVE!

Turn what you already know, and enjoy doing, into consistent income, by creating and selling profitable digital products.


I am thrilled to have you on this page, Why? Because creating a digital product, is one of the best decisions you could ever make. In the thick of the pandemic, while traditional businesses were struggling, digital products, and online businesses were flourishing, and growing at outstanding rates.
The digital products, and online education industry has witnessed unprecedented, and unforeseen growth, that you should be partaking in.


Check out Sola, who hit her highest turnover in 5 years, despite the pandemic.

You see my friend, every single day, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches on almost anything. This means that there are people right now, SEARCHING for the knowledge you have, to fill a gap or solve a problem they currently have. What would extra income of $2,000, $10,000, or $1000,000 do for you right now? This is how much you could be earning sharing what you know, to others who need it.


If you are one of these three types of people, Monetize your Knowledge online course is for you.


You are a professional. You most likely have your 9-5 job, and have built this career path for awhile, and you really love the path you chose. However, extra income wouldn’t hurt. You have a passion for sharing your knowledge with others, but don’t know how to – infact, you are not even sure how to balance this, and your job properly. You may have run away from traditional businesses because they come with a lot of work.

Meet Fiyin

 You are an Expert. Perhaps you are a Coach, an Author, Blogger, Creative, Consultant, Podcaster, Youtuber etc, and you will like to increase your reach, and grow your income, through digital products like E-books, Online courses, Webinars, Membership, Online Groups etc. You have an audience, no matter how small the list is, and you will definitely love to increase your audience size.

Meet Dele

 You are a Business owner. You built your business from scratch, made your fair share of mistakes, and now on a growth path. A couple of people ask questions like, How you did it, what tools you use, How they can get started etc. You know that this is an extra income stream that can grow your business revenue significantly.

Meet Alice

Now is the perfect time for you to start monetizing your knowledge

Imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Create a digital product that rakes in money
  • Wake up to credit alerts from digital products
  • Confidently overcome self-sabotage and doubt
  • Live a life of full-time impact
  • Have clarity to take laser-focused action
  • Take that much needed break, because digital products can fund your lifestyle now
  • Not having to show up daily to earn money

That’s what Monetize your Knowledge online course is about, and I will love to share my MONETIZATION FRAMEWORK with you.

First, who the heck is Tricia?

I am what you call a moving genius. If you ever walked up to me, I would tell you Digital Products are my JAM… It all began sometime in 2017, I left my job, and everything had fallen apart. I was broke, and frustrated with life. In my last job, I was a Group Marketing Manager at a Fortune 100 company, so I had earned a lot of money, but BOOM, it was all gone.

I needed to flee Nigeria for my sanity. I was going through a mental breakdown, and needed $700 to buy a ticket to leave, but all I had in my accounts was just about $138. So, I launched my first webinar product- SELL LIKE A PRO 1. Just like you, I did not think people would pay me for a class. So I priced it at N3,000/ $9. Guess what? In 48 hours, I made $1,250 launching the offer to my 4,500 followers on Instagram, and 0 people on my mailing list. I got the ticket, and then left the country.

That singular experience, opened my eyes to the opportunities that were out there, and how the knowledge I had, that I thought was common, truly wasn’t, and there are thousands of people waiting to pay me for it. That was 4 years ago. Ever since then, I have gone on to create several digital products, such as Webinars, Courses, Templates, Bundles, and a 7-figure Membership program. 

I have perfected selling digital products so well, that some of Nigeria’s top thought leaders hire me to help them do same.


Steve Harris

"Tricia is one of the brightest and knowledgeable teachers you could ever find!"

As a thought leader, I have been in the online business space since 2007, I had done webinars before but never gotten 7 digits revenue off it.

Working with Tricia was amazing and together we set a goal to have my 1st one million naira webinar and we didn't just hit the goal, we did some more. It was wildly successful with over 300 registrants. If you need to monetize your knowledge – Tricia is your plug. She is the real deal.

Jimi Tewe

"Achieved best financial year using digital products"

2020 was my best financial year in business. 
She helped me turn my knowledge into digital products.


What exactly is monetize your knowledge?



 An 8 week course that helps you CREATE, LAUNCH & SELL OUT your digital products PROFITABLY 



This course is split into 3 phases to give you the much-needed results



In this phase, you would be learning the fundamentals of monetizing your knowledge, broken down into Module 1 and 2.

  • MODULE 1- Finding Your Knowledge Wells
    This module covers how to identify your knowledge wells, research, carve a niche, and discover which product formats are right for you.
  • MODULE 2- Customer Analysis
    This module introduces you to the basic principles of Customer Avatar Design. How to discover your customer needs, and the techniques of naming your product. 



In this phase, you would be learning the fundamentals of monetizing your knowledge, broken down into Module 1 and 2.

  • MODULE 1- Finding Your Knowledge Wells
    This module covers how to identify your knowledge wells, research, carve a niche, and discover which product formats are right for you.
  • MODULE 2- Customer Analysis
    This module introduces you to the basic principles of Customer Avatar Design. How to discover your customer needs, and the techniques of naming your product. 



In this phase, you will be learning how to create, and sell 6 Digital Products, all of which are broken down into modules 3-6

  • MODULE 3-Webinars
    This module provides a comprehensive introduction to the process of creating webinars, including webinar structuring, selling techniques, and engagement strategies for post-webinar.
  • MODULE 4- EBooks
    This module covers the basics of EBook Creation, publishing, and the practicalities involved in writing, selling and publishing Amazon EBooks. 
  • MODULE 5-Online Courses and Online Groups 
    This module introduces you to Online Courses: The process of online course creation, launch strategies, email sequence templates, video & audio recording templates, developing online groups, and how to create launch timelines. 
  • MODULE 6-Coaching and Bundles 
    In this module, you would learn the 8 mistakes coaches make and how to avoid them, actionable steps to structuring your coaching program, and sales techniques to get clients. 
    An introduction to coaching. Offering guidance to avoid the 8 mistakes coaches make, actionable steps to structuring your coaching program, and selling techniques to get clients. You will also master the basis for bundle creations, and how to sell them




In this phase, you will be learning how to build a community of ready buyers, and how to launch to them. This is taught in Module 7 and 8. 

  • MODULE 7- Building Your Tribe
    This module teaches you the principal details that are relevant when building a tribe, the main methods of building authority, and the strategies for building your personal brand.
  • MODULE 8-Launching Out
    Master the fundamentals of Sales Funnel, including learning elements for funnel creation, tools needed for automation, and sales copy for populating your funnel.
Pay in Naira
Pay in Dollar

Lamide Johnson 

"Achieved 730% growth in enrollment for my online course.

I have been selling online courses for a couple of years now and the average enrollment numbers were 10 people.

I relaunched my Story telling course recently using the strategies I learnt from TriciaBiz and I got 73 students who enrolled.

This has never happened before.

Obis Ora

"$5 – 10K a Month Helping women across 24+ countries"

Since the launch of the Obis Ora brand 18 months ago, I have been able to monetize my knowledge via style WhatsApp challenges, webinars, eBooks, video tutorials and group coaching where I help mothers who were struggling to dress their new body, embrace colors, and infuse style in their daily activities to look better and improve their self esteem.

We are now a 100,000 strong community of women ready to invest in self and style.


Fiyin Williams

"Moved from earning $3,000 in a month to $3,000 in 24hours"

I’d been using my knowledge of career coaching and counseling to help people land the job of their dreams for about seven years. I did this pro bono for the entire period and helped thousands of people.

After going through Tricia’s program, she taught me how to build a business from my knowledge.

After 7 years of offering my knowledge for free, I made $3,000 in a month and I progressed to making the same amount in 24 hours within a few months.

Tricia is the truth


When people implement this course they get results, it really is that good.
In addition to all of these, there are 7 incredible bonuses because I want you to leave this course ready to hit…. I want you to have everything you need to succeed…

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is a key component needed to thrive when monetizing your knowledge. This mini training covers:

  • Strategies to build your mailing list
  • Mailing platforms to consider (pros and cons)
  • Email success tips and improving click-through rates 



Video Marketing

This bonus module teaches you how to create videos that sell using your smartphone and laptop. This module covers:

  • Building expertise using Authority videos
  • Sales Videos-Putting out your offers
  • Scripting and Editing Tools 
  • Platforms and Distribution

Lead Generation and FB Ads 

Facebook Advertising is one of the tools to generate leads for your online business and Jarell takes us through tricks and secrets to help you generate quality leads using Facebook. This mini training covers: 

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads and setting up pixels
  • Creating a Lead Generation Campaign
  • 4 phases of Facebook Ads
  • Ad Hacks

Tech Vault

The backbone of monetizing your knowledge lies with tech and the ability to manipulate several platforms to host your content. With the tech vault, you move from “I am not techy” TO “I can do this”.

What to expect in the tech vault:

  • Creating a website
  • Setting up a Sales Page
  • Setting up an Opt-in page
  • Setting up a Thank-You page 
  • Setting up a Payment Page
  • How to host your online courses and E-Books on KoboCourse
  • How to host your online course on TrainQuarters 

Building Your Audience

One key element in profiting from your knowledge is to build an audience that will consume your content and buy your products. Eva is the right person to show you how as she built her audience from 0-30k within 7 months and has now earned thousands of dollars monetizing her page. 


Marketing Campaigns 

The importance of marketing cannot be over-emphasized. Audria earned over 150k from a Marketing Campaign for her book-Uncloned Marketing. The campaign was UNUSUAL, EFFECTIVE and UNCLONED, and in this mini training, she dives deep into the strategies she employed and how you can replicate them. 

Ruth Oluwadare

"Launched first coaching program"

In 2020, after the MYK course, I launched my coaching program and made over £1,000 from coaching. I also started a free Facebook group to build my community.

Bolanle Adewusi

"Generated 7-figures from coaching and virtual workshop"

I launched my business in June 2020 after MYK, and within the first six months, I made 7-Figures in Naira from the coaching program and virtual workshop.


Tracy Diamonds

"Made X83 of my course fee back, selling templates"

Since I attended MYK, I have consistently monetized my knowledge, creating different digital products. One of such is a template, which sold over 1,000 copies, and I earned more than $20,000.

I have built authority in my niche, and I am set to create more classes, and products from my knowledge.


That’s still not all!

If you take the FULL PAYMENT OPTION, I will be throwing in an additional bonus…


My $100k Launch Blueprint 

In this bonus resource, I show you the exact strategies I used to earn multiple 6 figures from this Online Course in 2020, and February 2021. This bonus covers:

  • Marketing Strategy Template
  • My Actual ad copy
  • My Email Sequence
  • What worked and what didn’t 
  • My Affiliate System Structure 
Imagine having the exact blueprint behind an Online Course Launch that generated $100,021 in 10 days!

You thought I was done? If you opt-in for the group coaching, throughout the course, you will get support on 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – Support from the resident coach for the course
  • Level 2 – Support from me
  • Level 3 – Support from other students in the course
Pay in Naira
Pay in Dollar
My ultimate goal is to help you smash your goals, and generate income to live the life of your dreams.

Titilola Felix

"Made $1000 from one product"

I signed up for MYK last year and held a webinar after watching module 2. It made me close to $1000 on one product with a little over 400 followers at the time.

Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene

"Achieved 81% increase in revenue."

I made 81% increase in revenue in GBP and doubled my customer base. I also released a free eBook which has increased my email list by 30% in 1 month! All from using the strategies I learned from the MYK course

Cecilia Agu

"Made x10 Cost of Course from my First Webinar"

I signed up for the course not really knowing what I expected to get out of it. After I took the course on monetizing your knowledge under Tricia’s tutelage, I launched my first product, and I made 10 times the amount I paid for the course. If you have knowledge that solves a problem, stop making excuses, stop wasting time, sign up and make as much money as those of us who took the course.

At this point you may be asking yourself, is it worth it?. Those doubts and thoughts are creeping in, and you are wondering, , “what if this doesn’t work?” Well, what if this WORKS and you make your course fee back X2, X5, X10, or even X50 !!!

I understand you may have paid for a similar course, or been burnt by another coach, teacher, or product you purchased, but that is not who I am. This course is not another run-of-the-mill, copied off google, or YouTube type of course. It is based on my experiences of creating, and selling digital products, in one of the toughest markets in the world – Nigeria. I have also spent hundreds of hours researching, practicing, and perfecting my Knowledge of digital products.

My reputation is especially important to me, that is why you get the MYK 30 days money back Guarantee. It is quite simple - If you do not make at least your course fee back after executing, simply email me, and I will send your refund to you.

I will ask you for completed worksheets, launch strategy, and proof of execution because it is IMPOSSIBLE to execute what I share, and not earn your money back and more.

Ayodotun Rotimi-Akinfenwa

"Launched my Online Course on Branding & Marketing"

Monetize your Knowledge online course by TriciaBiz was a loaded, practical and insightful course. From “Digging through your knowledge wells” at the start of the course to “post course launch” module at the end, it was revelation after revelation of the possibilities of wealth in the Online Course space. I earn six figure digits teaching same online course to several students. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking to build an addition stream of income. It’s to make more money from your expertise!

Arojogboye Irene

"Grew from $625 to $2,250 in revenue from an online course.."

Before Monetize your knowledge, I used to have mini WhatsApp classes for my sponsored ads class, charged about $8 and will have a good number sign up. I thought I was making money because I would earn about $625 (my highest at once), Oh my! I was so wrong.

MYK was everything and more. After it, I followed all the lessons diligently, and rebuilt my course, then I launched.  I sold about 79 seats, and made close to $2,250 which is more than 300% what I would normally make.
Not only did I learn how to create a course, I learned how to pack it with value, and with shaky hands I increased my prize, I never believed anyone could pay but they did.


Ife Durosinmi-Eti

"I made $5,600 from an unusual digital product in 72 hours."

In the midst of the COVID lock down I had an emergency that needed to be sorted. Items I shipped into the country were stuck and an additional $5000 was needed to clear them.

I had learnt Bundle products from TriciaBiz prior to now and because I did not want to deplete my savings, I launched a bundle offer with existing templates I had and tagged it Easter Bundle.

In 72 hours, I raised the money I needed with additional revenue from existing products.

Bundles is one of the 6 digital products she teaches inside the Monetize your knowledge online course. When next you see it, register.


Let’s recap

Here is what you are getting when you join the course.


These modules are spread around 3 phases, and they contain in-depth strategies, showing you everything you need to know and do, to turn your knowledge into profitable digital products. It does not matter even if you are starting from scratch.

VALUE $1200


These modules contain the support information you need to win with digital products.

VALUE $1400

Total value $2600

Actual Price of this course starting at $397 

Save $25 when you pay in full
Who is this course not for?

Money doublers

These are people looking for quick money, not ready to put in the work, but are of a false assumption that once they sign up for the course, they should begin to swim in millions of dollars.

Monetize your Knowledge works only if you put in the work

The time to jump on the digital products wagon is NOW. Daily, more people are looking for teachers, resource, and information to help them move from point A to point B. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is the fact that we can learn with ease from the comfort of our beds.

As you make your decision, I want you to know this:

  1. You’ve got this
  2. If you decide to invest or not, your money will be used for another need, and it will be gone. Most times it is spent on items that do not have return on investment
  3. You can leverage your knowledge to increase your revenue

I will be here to support you all the way. MYK is a course that will help you package your knowledge and influence, into digital products that give you alerts even while you sleep.

  • Say Yes to additional income
  • Say Yes to an impactful life
  • Say Yes to living the life of your dreams
  • Say Yes to Monetize your Knowledge
I am ready to live my dream life!
I know you have questions, so let’s address them…
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