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What People Are Saying About Monetize Your Knowledge Online Course

"$5 – 10K a Month Helping women across 24+ countries"

Since the launch of the Obis Ora brand 18 months ago, I have been able to monetize my knowledge via style Whatsapp challenges, webinars, eBooks, video tutorials and group coaching where I help mothers who were struggling to dress their new body, embrace colors, and infuse style in their daily activities to look better and improve their self-esteem.

We are now a 100,000 strong community of women ready to invest in self and style.

-Obis Ora

"Tricia is one of the brightest and knowledgeable teachers you could ever find!"

As a thought leader, I have been in the online business space since 2007, I had done webinars before but never gotten 7 digits revenue off it.

Working with Tricia was amazing and together we set a goal to have my 1st one million naira webinar and we didnt just hit the goal, we did some more. It was wildly successful with over 300 registrants. If you need to monetize your knowledge – Tricia is your plug. She is the real deal.

-Steve Harris 

"Signed up 22 students for my online course"

Before going through Monetize your Knowledge, I had launched 7 online courses before but never launched a $200 course

The course taught me several things including charging my worth”.

-Sola Adesakin

"New stream of Passive Income born"

Over the years, I never saw the need to build a personal brand for commercial purpose. After a few strategy sessions with Tricia on how to monetize my knowledge, I realized I had been missing out on a huge opportunity. I have since launched webinars, coaching programs and now help businesses develop business plans and strategies.

-Olufemi Olumide

"Grew from $625 to $2,250 in revenue from an online course".

Before Monetize your knowledge, I used to have WhatsApp mini classes for my sponsored ads class, charged about $8 and will have a good number sign up. I thought I was making money because I would earn about $625 (my highest at once), Oh my! I was so wrong.

Monetize your knowledge was everything and more. After I had joined the Feb 2020 cohort. I followed the course diligently and I rebuilt my course by hosted it in a course hosting platform.

I increased the price in 3 categories $25 early bird, $37.5 and $62.5. I sold about 79 seats and made close to $2,250 which is more than 300% what I would have made with an extremely low ticket class.

Not only did I learn how to create a course, I learned how to pack it with value, and with shaky hands, I increased my prize, I never believed anyone could pay but they did.

Thank you TriciaBiz.

-Arojogboye Irene

"I made $5,600 from an unusual digital product in 72 hours".

In the midst of the COVID lock down I had an emergency that needed to be sorted. Items I shipped into the country were stuck and an additional $5000 was needed to clear them.

I had learnt Bundle products from TriciaBiz prior to now and because I did not want to deplete my savings, I launched a bundle offer with existing templates I had and tagged it Easter Bundle.

In 72 hours, I raised the money I needed with additional revenue from existing products.

Bundles is one of the 6 digital products she teaches inside the Monetize your knowledge online course. When next you see it, register.

-Ife Durosinmi-Eti

"Achieved 81% increase in revenue"

I made 81% increase in revenue in GBP and doubled my customer base. I also released a free eBook which has increased my email list by 30% in 1 month! All from using the strategies I learnt from the MYK course.

-Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene

"Achieved 730% growth in enrollment for my online course".

I have been selling online courses for a couple of years now and the average enrollment numbers were 10 people.

I relaunched my Storytelling course recently using the strategies I learned from TriciaBiz and I got 73 students who enrolled.

This has never happened before.

-Lamide Johnson

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