5 Best Instagram Content Ideas to Drive Authority

Mindset Shifts: Here you are creating content that helps your audience shift their mindset to achieve better results in your field. Identify common mindsets blocks and speak to them.  

Myth Busters: Every industry has myths that have carried on for years, busting them and showing alternatives takes you to the top of the experts.

Case Studies: Show you have achieved transformation for yourself or clients you have worked in with case studies. This is more detailed than a testimonial: Objective-Result-Process

Useful Tips: Share tips that cover some of the Frequently Asked or Searched Questions in your industry or niche.

Personal Growth: Belief is driven when your audience knows you have walked the same path or currently walking it. Create content that shows your growth in the process, how you are overcoming or winning. This builds respect and drives belief.   

Create your content calendar and spread all 5 across the week.


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