Caption formula that converts

You see, it can be pretty frustrating staring at your phone/laptop for minutes trying to craft that perfectly worded caption.

It’s even more frustrating when you finally come up with something only for it to be greeted by crickets. If this sounds familiar, you might want to pull up and come closer as I’m about to share with you Instagram Caption Formulas that convert.

I have outlined 3 working formulas, with a step-by-step guide for each one as well as examples.

  • The Big Dream Formula

With this caption formula, you are calling out the big dreams your readers have and how they can move from dream to reality.

Step 1: Paint the dream 

Step 2: Call out 2 potential factors stopping them 

Step 3: Tease them

Step 4: Call to Action


Step 1: What would life look like for you first-time mummy if you could sleep through the night, no baby cries, no sleepwalking, no sleep imbalance, because your baby is awake all through the night?

Step 2: Do not accept this as your reality, from your experience, there are a couple of factors responsible but here are the top 2 culprits

Step 3: Imagine having 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, infact with a cuddle or two from boo? This is possible

Step 4: Let me show you how. I have an Ebook that__________


The Inclusive Formula

With this caption formula, you are creating 2 categories of people. Those on the other side and those on the winning side, you are showing the facts of both sides forcing your readers to choose to be included in the winning side. 

-Step 1: Show both categories 

-Step 2: Decision Time

-Step 3: Call to Action


Step 1: There are 2 types of fashion designers. The set that______ and the other set that _________ 

Step 2: What category do you belong to? I would hate to see that you still in Category B. Make the switch to ___________

Step 3: Drop a comment, what category do you belong to?


The Fish-Hook Formula 

Like a hook in the ocean, a fisherman attracts some baits to the hooks and dangles it for a fish to approach and it goes right in-HOOKED. Using this formula, you need to find the bait and hook your readers.

Step 1: The Hook

Step 2: Teach 

Step 3: Call to Action


Step1: 8 out of 10 women will never get an orgasm in their lives…

Step 2: This is not another God-forbid situation, it is the fact. We are too shy to demand orgasms, some of us do not even know our body enough to understand our trigger points….

Step 3: DM “Orgasm”, let’s work together to help you achieve mind blowing orgasms. Every woman deserves one. 



Whoop whoop! I can see you grinning from ear to ear, dancing your happy dance, because caption writing is about to be a walk in the park for you. 

To recap, here are the 3 caption writing formulas:

-The Big Dream Formula- Calling out their big dreams and how they can move from dream to reality.

-The Inclusive Formula- Creating 2 categories and showing facts to get your readers to the winning side

-The Fish Hook Formula- Like a fisherman, attract and bait your audience

Now, go write some badass captions!!!


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