Hot Cake Digital Products to sell in 2021

Four years ago, I decided to take a shot at creating digital products. At that time, I desperately needed some money to leave my home country, Nigeria. Before then, I’d closely followed some coaches who always launched webinars and I thought to myself “You can totally do this Trish!” 

So I went on Canva and designed a flyer for a webinar which I priced at $6. To my surprise, I raised over $900 within 48 hours! Whoop! That experience made me realize that people were waiting and ready for my knowledge but I had not offered it to them until then.

Ever since I got involved in creating digital products, it has changed my life and has helped me impact thousands of lives.

So, if you have been wondering how to get started with digital products, I’d advise you grab a box of popcorn, sit back and digest this article where I’d be sharing 5 Best Selling Digital Products you can create.

  1. E-Books: An eBook is short for electronic book and can be a digital version of your printed book or just a standalone. E-books give you the chance to be heard, attain expert position and teach others what you know. E-books can serve as an entry product for people to assess your knowledge, and most importantly, it can also be a passive income stream that keeps bringing in money in and out of season.


Here are 6 steps to publishing your E-book:

  1. Find the right e-book topic: Research on Frequently Asked Questions in your niche and see what angle you can create your book from.
  2. Outline and format your book: Break your book into different parts and outline them as chapters. Decide on whether you will edit your book yourself or hire an editor to do so. 
  3. Set a price for your ebook: Determine how much you would price your book at. Prices typically range from $10-$49
  4. Decide on the design/tech for your book: How will your book be designed? What platforms will your book be hosted on for students to gain access?
  5. Build your marketing campaign for your book: Try teasing the covers on social media. Share content around your E-book topic to drive awareness and need.
  6. Delivering the Ebook: Will it be delivered manually or automated via websites like Shopify, Squarespace, Selar, Samcart, Sendowl, Big cartel OR Online schools like Kartra


  1. Webinars: A webinar is a live seminar conducted online. Webinars are also known as web seminars or web conferences. Webinars allow participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter and interact by asking questions, answering polls and voting. Understanding the purpose of your webinar will help deliver proper results.

There are several types of webinars, the leading 3 are:

  • Lead generation Webinars – These are webinars you use to build your audience, build authority, your mailing list etc
  • Upsell webinar – This is a free webinar used as an opportunity to present your products for sale. This usually works because people have gotten value on the free class and are ready for more.
  • Value webinar – These are paid webinars where you give all the knowledge available on the topic as value for fee paid.
  1. Online Courses: An online course can take different forms. At their most basic level, the thing they all share in common is that they teach knowledge or skills to the person taking them. Online courses are delivered via a website and can be viewed on a mobile device, tablet, or web browser. This lets students conveniently access them anywhere and at any time.

You can launch out any type of online course but you need to understand the different types of courses:

  • The Starter Course: This is a course that helps your students get started just like the title states. The course should provide them with just enough information to get started
  • The Signature Course: A signature course is a comprehensive, wholistic course that takes students in-depth on the topic. It is also called a transformation course. My online course, Monetize your Knowledge is a perfect example.   
  • Certification Course: This is also a comprehensive course but this promises an official certification upon completion. Students can present the certificate to boost their job search, promotion, qualifications etc
  1. Templates: Templates are already done work that clients can key into and recreate or simply use for their purpose. There’s a world of people who want a head start on whatever it is that they’re working on. Heard of the popular design website- Canva? Why do you think it is so popular? Because it offers design templates and people can simply plug and play. Why reinvent the wheel? A template can save someone the effort of designing a website from scratch. It can also help them get their wedding invitations sent out on time, create personalized business cards, plan their marketing strategy, crunch some numbers on excel, create social media designs etc.

For instance, designer Janna Hagan made over $5,000 just selling resume templates during a period between jobs. A client of mine Vanessa made over $3000 selling canva Instagram templates.

Here are some templates you can create and sell:

  • Website Templates 
  • Sales Page Templates 
  • Business Planning Templates 
  • Marketing Strategy Templates 
  • Excel Templates 
  • Stock Photos 
  • Business Contracts 
  • Canva Templates 
  • WordPress Themes 
  • DIY Home Project Blueprints 
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  1. Coaching: A coach is someone who takes a person from their current state to the state where they want to be at. Imagine being the person responsible for the other person to achieve their goals and dreams. Imagine being a conduit through which someone can attain their targets. The responsibility is huge and it is not strange for one to get overwhelmed by it. Coaching is a personalized relationship with an individual to help them achieve a particular result working in close proximity. 

You can even customize your coaching offer to:

  • One on one coaching – Dealing with individuals one on one 
  • Group coaching – Coaching several individuals together as a group. Being part of a group forces people to think, co-operate and take action. It also helps you scale your coaching practice. 



Creating a digital product for the first time can be daunting. Even if you’ve launched a digital product before, you definitely want your next one to perform better. I’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how you can turn your knowledge into digital products and make some cool cash from it. Simply click here to download. 

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